Hello! You are using Internet Explorer. If you did not buy a lottery ticket last year (and therefore have not received a pre-age verification code), we will require you to use YOTI (the government approved digital ID) to confirm that you over 18 years old. YOTI is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please use any one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or wait for in person sales to start later in June

What are the prizes?

The first prize is a brand new Fiat 500 Connect Cabriolet 1.0L Hybrid, in bicolour black and metallic silver with Apple CarPlay compatibility, and Android Auto integration.
The second prize is £2,500 cash.
The third prize is £1,000 cash.


Who can buy a ticket?

The Christmas Car Raffle is open to those aged 18+, and those who are ordinarily residents of Jersey, Channel Islands. Please see the terms and conditions for full details.


How will you verify my age?

Age verification is required either by YOTI or by pre-verification code.

Preverification codes will be sent by email out to people who have previously bought a car raffle ticket or a million pound lottery ticket, and who have opted in to hearing about future raffles and lotteries.


How do I buy a ticket online?

Jersey Hospice Care is delighted to offer the option to purchase tickets online. You will need:

a valid email address as your ticket will be issued electronically

a debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) registered to your address in Jersey

to be age verified either by: 

pre-age verification code or,

YOTI (GOJ approved digital ID)


My pre-verification code doesn't work

If you have received a pre-verification code by email and it does not work when you enter it, please email us at fundraising@jerseyhospicecare.com with your full name, date of birth and postcode so that we can check your details against our records.

We will respond within 48 hours and our team will try and help you complete the purchase.

Please note, your pre verification code will be 8 characters in length, and will be different from previous pre-verification codes sent. Your code will start with two letters and be followed by six numbers, which may include zeros. 


Can I choose my ticket number?

All tickets will be randomly generated between the numbers 1,000 and 4,499. You will not be able to choose the ticket number that you are allocated


Can I buy my ticket on the phone?

We can provide help with online sales by telephone if you have a pre-age verification code.

Please email us fundraising@jerseyhospicecare.com and we will call you back.

If you did not purchase a ticket last year and cannot purchase your ticket online, please use YOTI which will allow to purchase a ticket.


Responsible Gambling

We want you to enjoy playing our Car Raffle.  Playing our lottery should be fun, but for some, it may become a problem. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. 

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